Experience single origin Japanese tea.

Straight from best farmers.

       *We are shipping only in Japan

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Time to experience authentic tea of Japan.

Nihoncha Gallery OKAMURA is a tea shop with no store and is specialized in Japanese tea such as steamed green tea, old-fashioned pan-fired tea, roasted green tea and so on.

Features of our distinctive tea collection

1. 100% single origin. Sent straight from farmers around Japan.


Feel the mountains, earth, rivers, and air of the farms.

Meet best tea masters.


2. Wide variety of rare native cultivar (在来種 zairai-shu).


Did you know that the percentage of Japanese tea made from native cultivar is less than 3% and is still decreasing?

Many of our teas are native cultivar.  They are deeply rooted in the farms so they can suck up minerals deep from the soil.


On the top of any reasons, we love such kinds of tea and farmers.

Why? It's just because native cultivar is wonderful gift from our ancesers and local culture itself that we all must cherish.


3. Environment & farmers-conscious


Most of the collection is pesticide free during cultivation period.

What is more, we are introducing some teas that farmers use no pesticide and even no fertilizer for the purpose of no pullution of the soil and better aroma and clear taste.

Representative of Nihoncha Gallery OKAMURA


OKAMURA Tomoaki (岡村 友章)  Born in 1986, Osaka, Japan.


 - Japanese Tea Instructor certified by the NPO Nihoncha Instructor Association.

 - Editor of "Shimamoto Note", a Zine focused on people living in Shimamoto Town, Osaka.

 - Organizer of Minaseno Organic Market held on every 2nd Sunday at Minase Jingu Shrine.